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Drain Patrol is a licensed contractor (CSLB #841408). We come to an individual’s home to fix the problem, not try to up sell you on goods and services you don’t need. We’ve been plumbing Vista homes for years, finding everything in the process. Consumers rely on us for their plumbing demands over and over again. This isn’t by mistake. Our plumbing technicians are extremely skilled individuals in their field.

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Tips for Hiring a Vista Plumber

Select a Vista plumber that comes strongly recommended. A company in the phone book is no promise of honesty, results or professionalism. Don’t let these folks try their plumbing or selling techniques on you.

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What To Know Before Hiring a Vista Plumbing Company

When you are in need of plumbing services and are looking for a plumbing company, there are a few things you should know before you hire them. Below is some helpful information to make your selection easier and give you the tools to find the best plumbing company for your job.

Where To Find The Best Plumbing Companies

Ask your family and friends if they have used a plumbing service recently and if they have get a referral. Find out if the plumbing service they used was someone they would use again and if they would recommend them to you. Be sure you ask if they had any complaints about the plumber they use or its staff. If all they used the company for was a leaky faucet and you are having something larger like a bathroom remodel completed, you might want to get a little more info on the company on your own.

If no one you know has had any recent plumbing work done and therefore are unable to give you referrals, use the internet as your guide. The internet offers a wide variety of information from the names of plumbers to reviews from clients who have used their services. Read the reviews that are offered to get an idea of the company’s overall service rating. If the company has a website, use that to find out what their area of expertise is, what services they offer and even to obtain quotes on your job. Choose several of the best plumbers to compare service, expertise and of course pricing.

The Price Is Important, But Not That Important

When you have a plumbing company come to your home to review the work you need, be sure you get an estimate in writing. The pricing is an important aspect to your decision, but should never be the only deciding factor. There are many reasons why one estimate could be lower than another and you need to know why before jumping on the lowest bid.

Be sure all the details are included in the estimate, from the model numbers and color of fixtures to the materials that will be used. Many times plumbers will use lower grade materials in order to come in with the lowest bid and you should be aware that this is the case. If they are planning on using lower grade materials you are more than likely going to have issues with them later on. Ask the company what type of material is being used, are they quoting you with cheap materials to get the bid down or do they use high quality materials?

There are many alternative material types that offer more benefit than copper and at a better price. Become familiar with the different options for materials and get an idea of what the top brands are and what type of manufacturer warranty is offered with the parts and materials.

Make sure that all permits, clean up costs and other fees are already included in the estimate and always get more than one estimate.

Do Your Homework

Anytime you are going to hire a plumber to come into your home, do your homework and check them out first. You should find out what your state requirements are for plumbers to be able to work in your area and then ensure the one you chosen can meet those requirements. They may be required to carry certifications or special licenses, so ask to see what credentials they have.

Contact the Better Business Bureau to ensure that the company has a good reputation and does not have any complaints filed against it or its workers. This may seem like an unnecessary step to some, but those who skip it and have a problem later find out that others did too. So, be safe and check on their history with the BBB before you hire a plumber.

Ask to see a portfolio of work they have completed if you are looking into larger jobs such as bathroom or kitchen remodels. Do not hesitate to ask for past clients numbers and be sure to contact them and find out what their overall satisfaction level was like. If you are having something simple completed like a water heater installation or fixing a leaky faucet, there may not be a need for following this step.

Ask to see a copy of their insurance policy before you allow any work to begin. The plumbing company should offer to show you a copy of their workers compensation and liability policies without hesitation. The policies are in place to protect you, your assets and your home. If there is any damage done to your property during the progress of the work the plumbing company would be responsible for damages. Without an insurance policy in place you could be held liable for any accidents, damage or injuries that occurred. So, if for any reason they are unwilling or unable to show you the copies of their policies, find another company. There is usually a good reason why they will not produce it, either the policy does not exist or it has inadequate coverage.

Follow Your Instincts

The best advice for finding a good plumber is to follow your gut instinct, if for any reason you feel there is something not matching up, just walk away. Be sure to always ask the right questions and if you do not feel you are getting the answers you need then do not struggle with the company, just find a new one. By asking the right questions and listening to the answers you can determine if the company feels like one you can trust or not. This is why it is a good idea to have several companies that you are comparing to ensure that when one falls off the short list you still have others to consider.

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